World Dried Flowers

Bouquets & Wreaths

Our collection of bouquets and wreaths are made from natural dried flowers are most requested for weddings. Hang one of our exotic wreaths on your front door for a beautiful welcoming display. However, bouquets can be added to a decorative vase for an elegant arrangement any time of year, such as for mother's day, valentine's day, birthdays or anniversaries.
BW01 Stand Bouquet A
BW01 Stand Bouquet B
BW01 Stand Bouquet C
BW01 Stand Bouquet D
BW02 Corn Tree A
BW03 Corn Tree B
BW04 Corn Tree C
BW05 Corn Tree D
BW06 Corn Mushroom Tree
BW07 Cedar Rose Tree
BW08 Daisy Tree
BW09 Munny Tree
BW10 Chilli Tree
BW11 Exotic Bunch
BW11 Exotic Bunch Colour
BW12 Dry Cross