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Deco Sticks

Deco Sticks combined with exotic pods and sola items. We have a large assortment of deco sticks such as Sola Belly stick, Sola Zenia stick, Sola Sunny stick, Sola Berries stick, Sola Rose stick, Sola Guli stick, Moti stick, Palm Tree used for decoration in a room and gift purpose for all occasion. Anyone can create gorgeous vase arrangements all around the house or workspace using the different types of deco stick and sola flower stick.

Sola Sticks are made from sola wood. Sola sticks are available in various dimensions and designs and can be customized as per demand they are handmade Eco-friendly Natural Decorative Sola Flower Sticks with different colors.

DS01 Sola Skin Zenia on Ting

DS02 Sola Zenia on Ting

DS03 Sola Skin Belly on Ting

DS04 Sola Belly on Ting

DS05 Sola Bakuli on Ting

DS06 Sola Pine on Ting

DS07 Sola Pine Color on Ting

DS08 Sola Leaf Rose on Ting

DS09 Sola Skin Guli on Ting

DS10 Sola Guli on Ting

DS11 Sola Rapping Guli on Ting

DS12 Sola Rose on Ting

DS13 Sola Champa on Ting

DS14 Sola Zebra on Ting

DS15 Sola Shell on Ting

DS16 Moti on Ting

DS17 Moti Stick Long

DS18 Maize Natural on Ting

DS21 Palm Tree

DS23 Palm Leaf on Ting

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