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Bleach Collection

Bleached ornamental plant material provides a striking contrast when arranged with dried or dyed flowers. Bleaching also allows the use of subtle pastel dyes. Best results are obtained when material is bleached. We use high quality chemical to produce high quality product such as bellcup, mintolla ball, palm spear, palm net, banana stem, peapul net, buddha nut, step fruit, luffa can be bleached after drying.

EX013 Bell Cup Bleach

EX011 Blue Pine Bleach

EX019 Mintolla Ball Bleach

EX001 Palm Spear Bleach

EX005 Palm Sun Spear Bleach

LF01 Skeleton Pepal Net Bleach

EX035 Luffa Bleach

EX088 Maize Bleach

EX032 Cedar Rose Bleach

LV01 Lata Lantern Bleach

EX061 Buddha Nut Bleach

EX066 Palm Det Net Bleach

EX086 Betel Cover Bleach

EX091 Boat Splitted Bleach

EX089 Step Fruit Bleach

EX090 Feather Wood Bleach

CC01/02/03 Canes Bleach

CC07/08/09 Canes Bleach

PF16/17 Palms Bleach

CC35 Coco Whirl Bleach

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