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Palm Flowers

Palm Flowers are made from palm tree leaves, we develop so many style with different colors, shape and sizes . Palm rose, palm sunny, palm cosmos, palm possy, palm sunflower are some of those flower added to the center of bouquet to make more attractive.

PF01 Palm Rose

PF02 Palm Ring Rose

PF03 Palm Deco Rose

PF05 Palm Mexicana

PF07 Palm Jhing Jhang

PF08 Palm Cosmos

PF10 Palm Charki

PF11 Palm Sunflower

PF13 Palm Daisy Rose

PF14 Palm Sunny

PF16 Palm Candy

PF17 Palm Rajani

PF31 Palm Jasmine

PF32 Palm Cord Spear

PF33 Palm Cord Spear Tip

PF34 Palm Deco Pine

PF35 Palm Rajanigandha

PF36 Palm Pineapple

PF37 Palm Bloomer

PF38 Palm Lily

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