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Handmade Flowers

Handmade flowers are a great gift for Valentines day, Mothers day, or any occasion when you want to make something special for a friend or loved one. This collection features flowers made from different dried parts of plants such as sola, palm leaf, betal, pana, raffia, skeleton leaf, banana leaf, moss and many more.

HF020 Meho Mexican Coco

HF021 Coco Fibre Ball

HF022 Betel Sunny

HF023 Arjun Flower

HF024 Hibiscus Flower

HF025 Raffia Possy

HF026 Raffia Broom

HF027 Tail Possy

HF028 Strobus Artichoke

HF029 Strobus Flower

HF030 Strobus Sunny

HF031 Jacaranda Flower

HF032 Mango Flower

HF033 Luffa Belly

HF034 Luffa Bunch

HF035 Skeleton Possy

HF036 Skeleton Flower

HF037 Skeleton Dalia

HF038 Skeleton Rose

HF039 Papaya Rose

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