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Sola Wood Flower Diffuser

Sola Wood Flowers with a cotton wick are designed to absorb the fragranced liquid from the diffuser container effective in a greater evaporation surface. Even a small sola flower diffuser can comfortably cover a larger space. You also can control the fragrance diffusion with the number of sola flowers or reeds. Decorate your air with lovely floral fragrances diffused by unfading sola flowers. It is ideal indoor decorations for any household and a perfect Floral Gifts and Home Decor.

Sola Wood Flower is carefully tied with a thick cotton wick on the end. Place the flower inside the diffuser jar and the fragrant liquid wicks up through the cotton into the petals of the flowers. The decorative flower diffuser is an impressive product which emits the scent through the flower petals soaked in the scented liquid. The flowers come from a natural wood, therefore each flower blooms individually when the liquid is soaked up. The diffuser is placed in an elegant packaging and is available in different fragrance options. Enjoy the richness of floral notes enclosed in a stylish bottle.

SD001 Sola Belly with Wick

SD002 Sola Charki with Wick

SD003 Sola Zenia with Wick

SD004 Sola Kadam with Wick

SD005 Sola Sprial with Wick

SD006 Sola Sunshine with Wick

SD007 Sola Buity Rose with Wick

SD008 Sola Bud Rose with Wick

SD009 Sola Bumbay Rose with Wick

SD010 Sola Blossom with Wick

SD013 Sola Sunflower with Wick

SD014 Sola Dalia with Wick

Rattan Stick Bleach & Black - 3mm x 25cm

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