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Potpourri can be defined as the mixture or combination of naturally dried flower petals and botanicals and other plant materials with spices or other fragrance materials that can be infused with any essential oil of your choice and it is used to scent the air. it consists of an attractive mixture of dried plant materials of assorted shapes, size, texture and color which makes it as a decorative item as well. Potpourris can help the fragrance spread all around interiors smell fresh and also make for stunning centerpieces on the center table.

Potpourri is a mixture of dried natural parts of plants. Potpourri are perfect for filling empty bowls, vases or baskets with fragrance lids to perfume all over the room comes in different fragrances of your choice such as Exotic Roses, Citrus Orange, Fruity Cranberry, French Lavender and Sweet Vanilla. Potpourri are pack into a small zip bag drip in a few drops of essential or aroma oil for long lasting fragrance. Potpourri has a wide range of different colors to freshen up some nautical unique vibe to any bathroom, living room, or commercial space it will surely add a smile to your face.

PP01 Red Petals

PP02 Bakuli

PP03 Arjun Mini

PP04 Arjun Large

PP05 Bora Flower

PP06 Cane Fruit

PP07 Eucalyptus Pod

PP08 Black Daisy

PP09 Casurina Pod

PP10 Star Flower

PP11 Pine Mini

PP12 Birch Pine

PP13 Coco Stripes

PP14 Coco Slice

PP15 Palbosa

PP16 Angel Wings

PP17 Cotton Petals

PP18 Shiny Wings

PP19 Mehogany Slice

PP20 Maize Cut

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