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Dried Exotics

Dried Exotics Flower that we offer are Bell Cup, Mehogany Pod, Cattails, Palm Spear, Buddha Nut, Luffa, Strobus, Cedar Rose, Badam, Babla, Lotus Pod, Canella Berries, Pine Cone, Mintolla Ball, Lily etc. collected from all over India. These buds are used as cut flowers for making floral arrangements and decorations. Our Exotic Dried Flowers are available in different colors and sizes so as to meet the different demands of the customers. Our range of exotic dried flowers is supplied across the globe and is appreciated for their ability to lend that distinctive look to flower arrangement, craft or home decor accessories.

Dried and preserved flowers last indefinitely, creating everlasting joy and producing a beautiful collection of contemporary dried and preserved flowers and foliage making them much better value compared to fresh flowers. Looks beautiful on their own or as part of a bouquet these dried palm spears will create a unique and tropical feel to a space. Ideal for natural and different style interiors, they are a perfect focal point or you want to make your own floral wreath our collection is also available with the stem or in small bunches for creating your own display. Naturally dried palm spears and sun spear are perfect for adding an exotic feel to your floral displays. We have bleached, natural and colorful Palm Spear, Sun Spear and Palm Leaves.

EX001 Palm Spear

EX001 Palm Spear Color

EX003 Palm Spear Round Natural

EX003 Palm Spear Round Color

EX005 Palm Sun Spear

EX005 Palm Sun Spear Colour

EX009 Canella Special

EX010 Strobus

EX011 Blue Pine

EX013 Bell Cup

EX013 Bell Cup Colour

EX015 Pumpkin Cup Colour

EX017 Bell Melony

EX018 Zebra Pod

EX019 Mintolla Ball

EX020 Lily

EX022 Mehogany

EX023 Badam

EX024 Palm Ring

EX026 Talami

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