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Deco Balls

Deco balls are offered in a large variety of designs and sizes that can be modified according to customer needs. The most popular ball decor are Lata Ball, Vizi Ball, Lata Brown Ball, Grass Ball, Rope Ball, Browny Ball, Sola Chips Ball, Sola Cabbage Ball, Sola Rope Ball, Sola Stripe Ball, Sola Globe Ball, Sola Crape Ball and many more items. These decorative balls décor are used as an ingredient in bowl filler bags, decorative Sola hangings, Decorative Dried flower bouquets, a lot of beautiful arrangements etc.

Deco balls used for decorating Christmas trees and party halls, there are many types and size available in different colors. Sola Balls are an organic and quirky addition to any home décor. The decorative ball is a completely natural, eco-friendly product made from sola wood and adorned with long sola root pieces folded round and round meticulously by local artisans and sun dried for it to reach the perfect texture and finish. The Sola Balls are suitable for use as a decoration for attaching a wired flexible stem or bamboo stem to use in all sizes of vases, be it small, large, or medium. The rope balls would also add a homely appeal to fresh colorful flowers.

BD01 Lata Ball

BD01 Lata Ball Colour

BD02 Lata Brown Ball

BD03 Rope Ball

BD06 Palm Chain Ball

BD07 Grass Rati Ball

BD08 Grass Ball

BD09 Coco Rope Ball

BD10 Coco Rati Ball

BD11 Browny Ball

BD13 Albezzia Ball

BD14 Albezzia Brown Ball

BD15 Jute Rope Ball

BD17 Arjun Ball

BD18 Naru Beans Ball

BD23 Tail Ball

BD24 Bakuli Ball

BD25 Bora Ball

BD26 Casurina Ball

BD29 Soup Ball

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